Reflective Response Reading #3: The Fashion of Architecture by Bradley Quinn

I found the article, “The Fashion of Architecture,” interesting because it shows a distinct innovation in fashion. The form of art is in both fashion and architecture. They are different in the way that one is wearable and the other one is more structural. However, they both express art. Bradley Quinn, the writer of this article states that architecture influenced fashion. The artists works are amazing, they portray different shapes, colors and sizes that attract peoples attention. Finding inspiration in the unique architecture to design their garments. The article states, “A variety of artist ranging from Salvador Daliand Henri Matisse to Beverly Semmes and Barbara Krueger have regarded dress as a blank canvas upon which to voice messages protesting the inherent limitations of the body, or explore its ability to act as a metaphor for society and sexuality.” I find it quite appealing how not only Matisse, Semmes and Kruegercan but many other artist get inspired by anything around the world and create eye catching garments which not only is a form of art but it sends a message with deep meaning. In a world so competitive and full of outstanding and talented designers, artists such as Charles  Mackintosh, Opler and Lilli Behrens, Henry van de Velde, Alexander Rodchenko, and Lyubov Stepanova introduce different techniques of art which makes them stand out from the rest.


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