Final Project Statement

When I visited the IFF, Michael Evans work inspired me to create something involving Platonic Solids. Looking at one of his artwork reminded me of a round shaped plastic ball toy that has different kinds of shapes that you can insert.









This influenced me to do something within a disorder named Autism. I later realized why not create platonic solids combined together that resembles the geometric shapes of the toy ball that is used by Autistic kids for therapy.






I initially intended to actually make a replica of the ball toy or a puzzle piece since that’s the logo for this cause but then the professor suggested I should just make the shapes. So I took her advise into consideration and created this:














I fused plastic bags made them into cubes, tetrahedrons, and octahedrons. The colors I picked symbolize the feelings and personality of most autistic children. I made a net for the top part of this design. When the net extends it creates a round figure that represents the toy ball. Attached to the net was yarn holding in place the pieces. I had to have a lot of patience with this project. Overall, I believe it was a good turnout.


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