The film Grease gave me a sense of inspiration for my final project. It has different styles that incorporate the 50’s. I decided to focus on Sandy. Why? Simply because her change in character reflects her good and bad side. Her style in the film starts out sweet and innocent, with full skirts, cashmere sweaters and Peter Pan-style collared blouses all in pastel colors. By the end of the film, she completely changes her style from good girl to bombshell. Her outfits were much darker colors that consisted of black leather jackets, black off-the shoulder tops, fitted high waisted pants and red peep-toe pumps. I want to incorporate her character into a garment that reflects both of her styles. A fitted top dress that has fullness at the bottom. The color choice will be a combination of light and dark colors.

Inspiration: 1950’s film, Grease

Method: Basic and advanced pattern skills

Fabrication: Woven cotton

Silhouette: Princess line dress


















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