Sustainable/ No-waste challenge

It’s always upsetting to see how many scraps of fabric go straight into the garbage within seconds. When they can be properly used to make some type of wearable garment. Various designers like Timo Rissanen and Holly McQuillan make use of every inch of their material to make exceptional pieces of garment. They go beyond the design and experiment new ways to come up with zero waste designs. Rissanen’s goal to create jeans that are appealing and at the same time meet the zero waste standards encouraged me to do something similar with a no stretch woven fabric. It is after all a hard task to accomplish hence the fact that one has to acquire the design again. The most difficult part of this task I would say had to be constructing a sketch into a pattern. However, I looked at some of McQuillan patters to give me a visual idea on how to begin this process. During the activity, the randomly shaped pieces were a problem. That being the case, I utilized them to make a band for the pants, pockets for the top and bottom of the garment and to finish up the neck and shoulder line. In the center of the shirt, I placed three scraps that resembled a triangle. The outcome of this no-waste challenge was successful since the positive and negative space of textile was incorporated to make all pieces practical in my design.



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