Radical Rectangle

The majority of our homes are consisted of rectangles. Doors, boxes, keys on a keyboard, microwaves, walls, piano keys, televisions, bricks, there maybe be exceptions, but in order for things to be organized, they must be organized in rectangles. On December 2, 2012, publisher of The New York Time Magazine, Suzy Menkes shares her article “New Geometry” that depicts a hard line between Fashion Designers. She states how as a child, she always drew curvy figures, curly hair, rounded eyes rounded dresses with puffy sleeves. However, the Spring Summer collections consisted of pure straight lines, squares, diamond shapes.
Rectangular shapes work well for making objects using modern processes.Because we live in a world with four dimensions: time, width, height, and depth. Time doesn’t have matter if you know what I mean, so that leaves the other three rectangles and squares are very basic representations of all three dimensions, however, easy for us to work with. That’s just us humans though, if you look to mother nature, you will see very few rectangular prisms and cubes. She is a little more creative than us. When you put a ruler in a persons hand, it opens many new ideas and creations.

This last project was a challenge but I discovered different ways to create garments. Looking at Proenza Schouler’s line design gave me an insight for my final project. The designer combined different patters that balance the silhouette of the dress. I tried to aim for a similar look however, I wanted my garment to be less fitted like Louis Vuittons box shaped look. Crocheting involves pulling looped segments of yarn through preformed loops to form a garment or larger piece of fabric. The squares can be sewn together with matching yarn. The basic Tunisian crochet is the technique I used to bring unify the whole project together. Since the fabric structure is thick, it creates a bold performance together with the color choice of the yarn. I altered the appearance of this yarn by using a tighter afghan stitch, it became a bit stiff yet showed some drape in the upper back due to the square shaped figures. One of the challenges I encountered was crocheting too tight. It was difficult to re-insert the crochet needle because the loops were too small and tight. I then noticed I was tugging the loops tight after each stitch which caused really tight stitches. After numerous attempts I kept the tension even, and tried different size hooks.

Inspiration: The basic representations of the two dimensions, rectangles and squares.

Method: Hand crochet, tunisian crochet, afghan stitch

Fabricaton: Acrylic yarn

Silhouette: Shift dress

Constraints: Must use only rectangle or square shaped pieces that cover half of the body or more.




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