Project 3-Collaborative Directed Garment

The Mesoamerican culture was filled with creativity and beauty. Their art functioned as an expression of religion and warfare. With religion playing such a crucial role in their culture, it is intriguing to learn how their life was impacted by these beliefs. As a matter of fact, almost every act in which they were engaged was connected to their gods. Their life consisted of hard work meant to please the gods in order to keep the universe balanced. It is interesting to find out what was done in ritualized ceremonies. This intrigued our group to create a garment that represented how Mayans dressed for a ritual. These acts were performed on the highest point of pyramids or on elevated platforms to demonstrate power. Our motive to create a cone shaped top came from the pyramids they used. We left most of the body exposed due to the fact that very minimal clothing was worn during these rituals. The bra and underwear are connected to show a sense of unity between the life of the Mayans and their beliefs. The neck piece was generated due to the fact that it represented hearts in the Mayan culture. We looked at how lingerie is a direct connection to how we ritualize our “ceremonies.” The Mesoamerican’s attire was used to emphasis the body in their rituals, just as lingerie does for ours. Given that we were to use poly strapping, electrical tape and other unconventional items we went for more of an intense industrial, dominatrix look. We added mesh screening, grommets, staples, and quick links to finish our piece.
The process:

IMAG1099-1 IMAG1103-1 IMAG1106-1 IMAG1109-1




The final product:

IMAG1125-1                      IMAG1129-1  IMAG1128




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