Project 4- Self-Directed Collection

My inspiration derives from the ancient peoples of the Aztec culture. Many people in the past and today believe in having an afterlife. What a person’s afterlife is like is determined by how that person lived. However, the Aztecs believed the afterlife of a person was based on how they died. Some would be reincarnated as birds or a flower or eventually humans. At some point, some would be disembodied spirits roaming around the earth. Life and death were united parts of the same cycle of energy. I wanted my piece to resemble the reincarnation of an essence. I picked the print fabric to represent the skin of the leopard slowly transforming into a new life. There were basic meanings for animals that would grow to represent gods or a warrior class. When I think of a leopard I think about a strong animal that shows power. My goal for this collection was to show the rebirth of a soul in a piece of clothing. I wanted the flow of this knit fabric to embody a spirit roaming the world. I related these creature to a warrior. The gods would sacrifice themselves to set the world in motion.
Project4 Mood board

Project 4 swatches
Illustrations 1                   Illustrations 2
Flats 1                                  Flats 2






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