Reading response #2: The Modern Western Fashion Pattern

  1. Describe what you think is the classical Southern California American beauty.

We live in a society in which everyone is very critical of one another, different ways of perceiving things. I believe that the United States is in a dilemma because we Americans try to “fit” in. From my point of view it is sad to see so many cultures in America trying their hardest to camouflage into our American social norm of dressing. Many can give you a different response to the definition of beauty. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. What may be beautiful to one person may be different to another. Beauty is a quality present in a person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind.

It also depends where you live and what are the beauty standards of that area. Some think filing the teeth to points is beautiful, others think certain colors of hair or eyes. It’s not just one answer or bone structure or height or weight. Some cultures like skinny some heavy. Some big chests some small. I have found out one thing for certain, how you feel about yourself and having confidence in yourself is beauty.

Campbell mentions how “we live in a society in which anyone can dress in any way she likes, then it follows that dress cannot be indicator of social standing” (Campbell, 15). We do live in a society in which there are no restrictions, we might see some dressed very similar to each other and others very distinct. I strongly believe that society has a great impact on this aspect. Many uniform according to their surroundings. I feel like media, magazines, advertisements are feeding us all these ideas of how to look like to be considered beautiful. The classical Southern California American beauty for women would be prominent cheekbones, small nose, tall, skinny but curvy. For men, it seems to me as though women allow much more variation in what they like in men, more or less, I don’t know having broad shoulders, muscles, tall.

  1. Describe how your family’s culture and your personal Aesthetics and how these may or may not influences how you choose to dress.  Include a description / photo of your iconic garment.

I believe we Americans as a society are so used to everything moving fast, it is basically the environment we have come to know and live in. If we go to work or school in the morning it is always in a rush, if we are driving out in the streets we always tend to have the urge to go faster and faster, which fastens the whole process buying new fashions. Therefore we begin consuming more than what we really need, and thus identify yourself as the typical American consumer that buys and buys and keeps buying without limits. This differs a lot to other countries because they actual have to take to account what they actually need.

The book states, “the institution of modern fashion does meet the aesthetic empiricists’ demand for a universal and unchanging aesthetic standard. It is merely that this standard is not embodied in any one set of aesthetic principles, but rather in a preference for whatever it is that occupies that point in time where familiar styles are in the process of being displaced by the soon-to-be-familiar” (Campbell, 14). This is true in our American Society because our fast consumption is something that defines who we are because it is our way of living. My dad and bother have never been the type to follow main stream, they are simple. My mom on the other side has always been into the trendy loop. When she was younger, she would constantly change her hair color/ haircut, wear colorful clothes with matching shoes and accessories. As a child I was really picky in what I wore. I feel I always tried to fit into a culture that wasn’t mine. I would often buy certain clothing items not because it was my taste but because I wanted to look like the other girls who dressed a certain way. As I grew up, I realized how society was controlling my mind.

Now I do not walk around in traditional Mexican clothing but I love different cultures. I think that if we as individuals go around hiding our cultures (clothing) we will unwillingly lose who we are. I also believe that the purchases that we make are based on satisfying our brain and not our person as a whole. I unintentionally tend to dress in black, grey or white most of the time. However, I am starting to break away from my usual solid colors. My iconic garment is simply workout clothes. I wear them almost every day. I feel very comfortable in them, it allows better movement.

workout 1workout 2

3. Who is your fashion icon?  Who are the people you follow and admire in terms of dress? Please post images and describe how the person dresses.

For me my fashion icon would be myself, I think whatever I wear looks great on me. I don’t look to a certain icon.. Like the book mentions “very rapid and continuous changes in identity occur as a matter of course… each change of style involves a corresponding change in an individual’s sense of who she might be, let alone that whole societies change their collective sense of identity each time a new fashion becomes widespread” (Campbell, 16). My style is broad and simple, sometimes I feel like I don’t have a set identity

Most of the time I dress sporty, other times I take more time to actually put effort in what I wear. I don’t have a specific look, I can dress in different ways. I have closet full of different clothes, yet I tend to only wear a few pieces. I rarely go shopping so I just work with what I have. I wear what I think looks good. So I’d say that although I don’t have a fashion icon, I try to get inspiration from anyone who is relatable to me. Nonetheless, I do aspire inspiration from Audrey Hepburn’s classic elegant style. I admire her black dress in the film breakfast at tiffanies. She has a simple sophisticated and conservative style. I would say I am more into white and black, a classic professional look.



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