Doll Project Proposal

Barbies are an object of uncritical devotion for many girls and parents around the world. I don’t want to categorize my doll into one specific religion, gender or style. A doll representation of a human who lives in a simple world with no judgements, no rules of what is the right or wrong way to dress or physical appearance. Where everybody accepts everybody no matter their appearance, gender preference, race, salary etc. A representation of the equilibrium of Yin & Yang and liberation is what I want to aim for. One cannot exist without the other because in reality they coexist. I want my doll to be clear and obvious while hidden and subtle, just like the Yin & Yang elements. I want to incorporate plastic in my doll, not the same plastic that is used in your typical barbie doll but more of a simpler type of plastic like the one in bottles. It’s going to be a creation of my surroundings, symbolizing a simple act of mother nature.




self portrait doll #1


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