Dress Journal

 DAY 1- November 6, 2014

I started my first dress journal with a casual outfit that I wore for a day at the beach. I went back home this day to visit my family in San Diego.


DAY 2- November 7, 2014

Fridays are the days I work at my internship. Dress code for my intern is very open. Usually I like to be comfortable, so here I combined a long sleeve top with jeans and boots.


DAY 3- November 8, 2014

Saturday, I took a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo as part of an assignment for my anthropology class.


DAY 4- November 9, 2014

Sunday was my day off so I treated myself to the Americana mall in Glendale. It was a sunny day, which is why I aimed for a simple black dress, a pop of color with the sandals and a hat.


DAY 5- November 10, 2014

Back to school had me feeling some type of way. Besides the fact that I worked out early in the morning. This outfits comfort level is to the extreme. After my class I went hiking at the Griffith Park Trails. Later that night, I went to Downtown Disney in Anaheim.


DAY 6- November 11, 2014

Veterans day, campus closed, that means beach time! My outfit consisted of a loose white shirt, jeans, sandals, and my sunglasses.



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