Production Update #6

Accomplishments and laughs on this weeks production update. After many hours of endless sewing and planning, my visions have transformed into actions. Saturday, May 9th was the big day. Models, merchandiser Gigi and I took a trip to the beautiful city of San Diego to shoot for our collection, Noir Blanc. We met our makeup artists and photographer in San Diego. Here are a couple pictures of our photo shoot location, Balboa Park located in San Diego, CA.

organ-pavillion-at-balboa-park-larry-marshall         Unknown Balboa-Park-2          balboa-park-hallway-hdr

Beautiful isn’t it?

In the images below, we are styling every look. Makeup artist are working their magic, preparing the models for extraordinary shoots.


Lastly, I am showing a couple snaps I took while the photographers were in action. 10419009_803724599677488_1759845288192860408_n         20150509_182624

From today onwards, I will be fixing zippers and details on a couple of my designs. I will also be working on my portfolio. Later this week Gigi and I will be sharing our lookbook.


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