Many artists during the classic Hollywood era like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn became Hollywood’s most famous actresses and models. They portrayed a fashion sense that has inspired many great works of art. Inspired by the elegance of classic Hollywood, I present Noir Blanc. French for black white. Two colors that have been very popular throughout history. Black is the color of authority and power. While the light and neutral color in white shows innocence and purity. However, most things in the world are neither completely black nor white. One cannot exist without the other because they coexist which is why I used three colors in my designs, black, white and the warm gray tone of taupe. My goal for Noir Blanc is to show a depiction of balance between complexity and simplicity. As a designer I aspire to create a harmony within my designs in which I hope to inspire individuals to live more confidently, kindly and with an extra bit of class.




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